Novalife Biotech

Mission & Vision

Confessions of a Shopaholic
To become a Research-based International Pharmaceutical Company.
Nothing like the holidays
Achieve significant business in peoprietary products by 2012 with a strong presence in developed markets.


It is integral to manage the available resources in the best way for any company to work efficiently. At Novalife, we aim at having an integrated system of management sub-divided into different departments for efficient administration.

Product Marketing Department

This department, consisting of an enthusiastic and qualified professional team of graduates, MBA Pharmacist Biochemists and marketing experts, performs core activities like:

  • Planning, building and approving marketing strategies.
  • Selecting, testing and introducing new products.
  • Conceptualizing, developing and designing promotional material.

Sales Department

If the Product Marketing Department is the brain of Novalife Biotech, the Sales Department is the hands which convert plans into actions. Comprising professionals in sales, this department is integral in implementing the strategies approved by the product marketing department. The sales department underlines the very mantra of Novalife – team spirit, as it has several accomplished officers working together, like:

  • Country Sales Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Area Sales Manager
  • Business Sales Manager

Sales Training Department

We understand that to remain at the top in any business, there is a need to constantly try and improve. At Novalife Biotech, members of the Sales Training department help in training people at entry level and updating people who were already working with us to ensure a highly-skilled workforce.

Marketing Research Department

The Marketing Research department is indispensable to Novalife Biotech as the officials from this department conduct prescription audit to find out the prescription behavior of our doctors. The Information gathered is then passed to the product management department for further analysis.






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